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Chuuuli anyone?

Thanks to Kevin for whipping up his delicious chuuuli (translation: chili) last night for dinner. It was spicy but ahh, it's one of those dinners that I cannot wait to eat. It was especially good this time around because he ground the beef with the grinding attachment of our Kitchen Aide mixer. It was a sight to be seen - the beef looked so perfectly coming out. I think it would be great to make beef tartare that way (or maybe not - what do you think Kev?). Anyway, I made a flat little corn souffle that was less than impressive but the corn and chuuuli were a nice combo! We drank a medicore syrah that I don't even want to name because I don't want to hurt the winemakers feelings. Gotta go eat that leftover chili for lunch! Yes!

Note: Thanks to my dad for his excellent and unforgettable pronounciation of chuuuli.
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