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Making pizza dough

Pizza dough My pear timer The finished pizza dough
Pizza dough

My pear timer
set for two hours
The finished pizza dough
Ummm, isn't it supposed to only double in size?

No frozen Trader Joes pizza dough, so I was stuck making it myself...when I'm dealing with yeast, I'm never sure what to expect. This pizza dough (I actually split it into 3 doughs and froze two) turned out great. I used the food processor instead of the kicthen aide, not sure that was the wisest move because there was a really bad smell coming from thing and I thought it was going to explode. Anyway, Kevin rolled the dough out (Note to Kev: next time, use a rolling pin to prevent holes due to the delicate texture of the fresh dough), then we grilled it on our gas grill and loaded it up with 3 cheeses, spinach, roma tomato slices, basil and oregano. Delicious!
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