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Floaties, floaties and more floaties

A tip from a local... Papaya anyone? The dining room A delicious salad...
A tip from a local...
Da kitchen - A delicious local restaurant located just minutes from Maui's Kauhuli Airport.
Papaya anyone?
The dining room
at the amazing Hotel Hana
A delicious salad...
of local Hana-grown ferns. YUM!
We couldn't miss the Surfing Goat Cheese farm... where Kevin made a new friend! Vintage Surfboard Fence So that is how they do it!
We couldn't miss the Surfing Goat Cheese farm...
where Kevin made a new friend!
The LJ mascot!
Vintage Surfboard Fence
Here's how...
to make pretty pineapple slices!
Beginners Bad Luck Yes, that's us... Babar's new plush pineapple
Beginners Bad Luck
We came back empty-handed! Boo!
Yes, that's us...
with serious tans!
Babar's new plush pineapple

We're back from a week in Maui. We brought a computer which I was planning on using to update my Reenie Cooks LJ, but once I stepped foot on Hawaiian soil, I lost all motivation. He he!

We decided against eating the chicken concoction on the plane so as soon as we landed, we were starving. Our rental car shuttle driver recommended Da' Kitchen (425 Koloa St. #104, Kauhlui, Maui), a local Hawaiian style food restaurant 2 minutes from the Maui airport. We kind of felt like the annoying Food Network girl Rachel Ray but we never would have found this place otherwise. The restaurant was filled with Hawaiian locals (amazing huh) and really yummy (pork anyone?). The best news of all is that they have Da' Kitchen SF in Mountain View (1477 Plymouth St. Unit E - Shoreline Blvd) - Crazy!

We drove the Hana highway as fast as possible to get to the wonderful Hotel Hana, a hotel I'd recommend to anyone going on a honeymoon or who wants to feel like they're on one. It's heavanly!

The remaining time was spent with my fam in Kaanapalli - same hotel, same room, same floaties (Floaties are Kaanapalli's shorebreak waves that we love riding and doing the washing machine in), unfortunately no Tom or Little Face sightings though. Kev and I went sport fishing for 6 hours, hoping to catch some huge Tuna, Ono, Mahi Mahi or Marlin, but unfortunately the only action we got were some mating sting rays. Oh well, I was just proud that I didn't get sea sick.

Oh yes, we also ate...lot's...some of the highlights include:
- bags and bags of Maui chips - salt and vinegar are my fav
- macadamia nuts - the honey-roasted ones are the best
- Kookkwee's - Maui's finest cookie which can be bought in any ABC store on Maui, best ones are the Kona Coffee Macademia Nut ones
- Hula O Maui Pineapple Sparkling Wine - Who knew Maui produced wine? It is really good too with amazing hints of pineapple.
- learned how to use that Pineapple cutting tool (see above photo)...I was super excited about that.
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