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Dinner for 1

Kev was at a work dinner so I had to fend for myself last night. Dinner for 1 is kind of sad...I love cooking by myself but eating definitely needs another person (with the exception of desserts)! I tried a Mexican Chicken Soup - I wasn't sure if the soup would be good or not, so I decided to try it on myself first. Yum yum, very tasty. I then perfected the Cilantro Shrimp Fritter recipe and posted my finalized version on Reenie's Recipes.

I made some caramel corn that I sent along with Kev for the LJ team to gobble at their off-site. Making caramel corn requires the old-school popcorn popper which I stole from my microwave-happy parents. It's like 20 years old and still pops some good corn. Anyway, I just ate some of this caramel corn for breakfast and oh yum!!!
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