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Amora the Great

Last night, we feasted on Merguez (a North African lamb sausage seasoned with garlic and hot spices that we ate frequently while we were honeymooning in the South of France) in toasted baguettes, smoothered in Amora mustard. Amora is my very very very favorite French mustard that is nearly impossible to find in America. Last trip to France, I brought home multiple bottles carefully wrapped in my luggage, that I bought at the wonderful Carrefour. I shouldn't stress about it right this very moment but I do only have 1 bottle in the cupboard so I should start schemeing about how to get more (at one point, I was buying it on the internet - 2 measly bottles for around $25 - I'm a Amora junkie, can't help it).

We paired the Merguez with a Tasty Couscous with Dates and some more of the broiled, pencil-thin asparagus (2 pounds for $5.29 at Costco, what a steal). Tres delicieux.
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