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Soups that freeze well

A simple feast last night (major kitchen overdose this weekend I'd say...) - Smoked Trout Chowder, a crusty sourdough loaf, the most beautiful broiled, pencil-thin asparagus (get it while you can at Costco!), followed up by a crottin and a Spanish sheeps milk that tasted like the inside of a syntheic leather shoe from Payless Shoe Source (I still ate it but not my fav). We washed it down with a non-oaky (hurray!) Murphy Goode Chard. The chowder was previously frozen (I removed it from the freezer about 1 hour before we ate it) and it still had great flavor, texture and everything. Definitely gives me hope for when we're crazy chasing kids around the house, we'll still be able to eat like gourmets/gourmands!
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