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Dinner in Berkeley

We dined last night with our friends Penny and Dave (both excellent chefs and foodies) at a restaurant of their choice called Dona Tomas (5004 Telegraph St.). They serve high-end Mexican cuisine and yum yum, it was great. The margaritas on the rocks were not too sweet and just perfect. Each of us gulped down 3 on the rocks with salt (except Dave who likes his blended! What a sis!). The chips were fried to perfection, our starter of snapper ceviche was so flavorful and we all polished our tasty entrees. Kevin had the carnitas (yum yum) and I had poblano chili rellenos and a side of corn puddin'. Up until about a year ago, I was kind of physco and only ordered bean and cheese burittos dry. I'm glad I've finally grew up and branched out!

One more thing, Dona Tomas even had Agavero, a sipping creme de tequilla, on the dessert menu which I was really tempted to order but didn't!
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