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Chaotic Seafood Medley

Sardines Stuffed with Breadcrumbs

Stuffed with Breadcrumbs

Before Kev and I headed out to Roccapulco (Mission/Cesar Chavez) for some musica salsa, we indulged in a small-plate seafood medley. We hit the Whole Foods Butcher and just kept picking out things to cook - the kind butcher certainly must have thought we were insane! I was most excited though when I sighted the sardines (which thankfully they cleaned for us)! Here was our menu (accompanied by my favorite summer wine, a Tavel Rose):

Course #1
Seared Day Boat Scallop "BLT" Salad
Course #2
Fresh Sardines with Lemon and Breadcrumbs - inspired from a dish we devoured about 3 years ago at the amazing restaurant called Peasant in Manhattan's Soho neighborhood. Wow, they were great (minus the little pin bones but I learned to ignore them because the sardines were just so scrumptious!).
Course #3
Fried Calamari Coated in Puffed Rice - inspired by Chaya in LA.
Course #4
Shrimp Fritters with Cilantro - inspired by the cilantro/shrimp dumplings at Gourmet Dim Sum on Clement/8th.

I'm hoping to post all the recipes in the next few days because I have a ton of notes and definitely will cook each one of these again. And Kev, jot down your extensive notes about cleaning a sardine...!
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