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Friday night at Matsuya

Sushi at Matsuya (24th/Vicksburg St.)! We just love this place!

...Just got back from lunch at Casa Sanchez on 24th and Hampshire St. which I'm just dying of excitement about for many reasons. Casa Sanchez sells their fabulously thick tortilla chips and salsa in the SF grocery stores and so I've been dying to go to its actual restaurant but it's pretty annoying because it is only open at lunch time (until about 3pm, I believe) and never on anyway, we finally went today and the food is, well, not as good as El Toro (etc) but the restaurant itself is totally authentic and decorated most fabulously! And the best news of all...they have this adorable back patio that is, ahhh, reminding me of how much I just die for Mexican decor, and we're going to rent the back out and throw my 30th birthday party back there on April 11, 2006. I CAN'T WAIT! I asked about pricing and everything!!!! I'm dying of happiness that I discovered this wonderful little Mexican gem!!!! We're going to have a mariachi band and everything. Maybe even a pinata!!!!!!! I wish I brought my camera so I could post photos of how awesome it is. Countdown to my birthday party!
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