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My husband will be proud!

I've just set up this Live Journal account all by myself (meaning, my husband -- who works 10 hours a day, 5 days a week, on Live Journal at his new company Six Apart -- hasn't given me a word of advice about how to set it up). Hmm, I wonder how this is going to work, considering I understand very little computer lingo (although I'm on my computer at least 6 hours of every day) and didn't really understand what was going on when I was going through the set-up process of making my Live Journal look pretty. I hope I succeeded!

Anyway, I'm starting this Live Journal for my latest website Reenie's Recipes, which is a collection of mine and my friends tasty recipes for dinner parties. I felt that a food journal would be a natural compliment to the site, so here I go. I think after reading my live food journal, you'll probably be impressed by the way my husband and I eat on a regular basis (and my retired racing greyhound Babar too whose dinner frequently consists of steak and chicken usually sprinkled with something delicious like gruyere, livers or tuna). You'll also probably wonder how I maintain my slim figure after gorging myself nightly with so much deliciously fattening food.

So, introducing The Reenie Cooks Live Journal.

I'm a little frightened to do my first post...Kevin, how'd I do?
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