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$25 for tomatoes

Yesterday morning, we hit our local Noe Valley Farmers Market (which is seriously about 1 block from our house, every Saturday morning and we NEVER go - we're losers, I know!) with $25 in pocket and one goal in mind...TOMATOES of all varietals!!!!! It's that time of year when they are just perfect so I thought I'd do everything and anything tomato this weekend!

I used 2 1/2 pounds of our lucious tomatoes making this wonderful classic Spanish Gazpacho (which gave me the excuse to blast all my favorite Spanish CDs that I brought back from Spain)...After a college semester in Sevilla, Spain, I learned to appreciate and absolutely worship the simplicity of gazpacho (and hopefully (if i'm not with child - he he), we'll be heading to Sevilla for my 30th birthday - wahooooo!).

Then, we moved onto some Italian cuisine with Prosciutto-Wrapped Radicchio, an appetizer that we picked up about 5 years ago from the quaint restaurant, Osteria del Forno, in North Beach. We washed it down with a great provencal rose from K&L wines - the best wine shop in SF. Yum.

We finished our feast off with some handsome salmon steaks from Drewes Bro's Butcher shop on Church St served with anchovy butter and grilled mini-portobellos. More tomato fun tomorrow!!!!!
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