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Pizza on the barbie

We finally made a Corn/Cilantro/Shrimp/Lime pizza on our Jenn-Air gas grill and wow was it tasty. The crust resembled a pizza crust that had just come from an Italian wood-burning forno - Mamma Mia, molto bene e bellisima - mi piace!!!!!! The great news is that by finally experimenting with a grilled pizza crust, we've realized that 1) it's super easy 2) we can do a lot of fabulous things using this technique (flatbread etc).

Here's how we did it:
1) Heated all four burners on the grill on high heat
2) Rolled out a pizza dough from Trader Joes (.99 cents)
3) Prepared the pizza toppings ($4)
4) Brought the dough out to the heated bbq on a paddle, along with the toppings, a prep dish of olive oil with a brush and a large cutting board
5) Transfer the dough to the bbq (with no toppings added yet) and grill for 2 minutes
6) Take the dough off the heat using the paddle and flip it over onto the large cutting board and the help of your significant other
7) Begin adding the toppings to the grilled side - for this particular pizza, we brushed the crust with the olive oil, then did a layer of corn, mozarella, then a bit more corn and the cooked shrimp bits
8) Place back on the bbq and grill for another 4 minutes, or until the cheese is thoroughly melted - depending on where the hot spots are on your grill, you may need to move it around a bit
9) Remove pizza from heat, bring back upstairs and add cilantro, lime, salt and pepper
10) Cut, serve and DEVOUR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

...a dinner for $5!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cool!
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