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Big bowl of salad

This is probably the biggest bowl of Chinese Chicken Salad you'll ever see (being that it's not a resturant, just an average, everyday home kitchen). The diameter of the bowl is about 2 feet and it's perfect for tossing large salads, making wild mushroom stuffing on Thanksgiving and tossing caramel & popcorn to make my famous (not really!) caramel corn. We bought this bowl at the Kamei restaurant supply store (one of my very very very favorite places to shop!) on Clement/8th while we were living in our mini 1 bedroom apartment (being the queen of organization, I found a good storage place for it). It has become a necessity ever since. I would recommend that every serious home cook head over to the nearest restaurant supply store and buy one asap! It makes tossing a large salad stress-free!
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