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In honor of Babar

Babar Olema Limon
Babar Olema Limon
adopted by Marina & Kevin on July 31, 2004.

In honor of adopting our wonderful retired racing greyhound Babar exactly one year ago, Kev and I went out for some serious meat. We treated ourselves to big hunks of steak at Harris' Steakhouse on Van Ness/Pacific. I've never been to a truely authentic steakhouse so this was a first for me. My mouth was watering just thinking about high-quality, aged beef...

We skipped appetizers and went straight to the meat and wine (a chatueanuef-du-pape) course. Oh my, oh my...I ordered a medium-rare Kobe Wagyu Rib-Eye, a whopping $60 worth of cow (I just had to have it!), and oh my, all I can say was it tasted like steak butter. A maguro sashimi-looking steak massaged to perfection, it was truely AMAZING. If I were to choose a last meal, I think I would choose this fantastic piece of meat. I'm sorry Kev, but your porterhouse (delicious, of course) paled in comparison!

We love you, Babar!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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