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Another Anniversary...

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Scallop BLT Salad Scallop BLT Salad

Saumon De L&apos;Atlantique Poele Aux Poireaux Saumon De L'Atlantique Poele Aux Poireaux
from Thomas Keller's Bouchon Cookbook

We're kind of into celebrating everything and, yesterday, we celebrated our 5-year anniversary of meeting each other, the most wonderful day, so far, of my life.

The Meeting: Kev and I met July 28th at C&O Trattoria, a super popular, bustling family-styled Italian restaurant in Venice (Los Angeles) -- he was with his best friends, me with mine. At the restaurant, my friend Amy was hit on by Kev's friend Frank in the line to the bathroom. Post dinner while waiting for our cars at valet, we were once again hit on by Kevin and his clonies. They talked us into meeting them at O'Brien's on Main Street in Santa Monica. Once we got there, Amy and Frank started kissing and the others went their separate ways and I was stuck talking with the drunken Kevin. I was pretty bored until he told me he loved Europe and went to Harvard....! (he he, I'm a brat!) We went out the following night and then, we lived happily ever after! He he!

So, of course, we're going to celebrate this story every chance we get!

5-year anniversary of our meeting date dinner!
Drink: Vevue Cliquot Champagne
First Course: Tsar Nicoulai Caviar, a farm-raised caviar (sturgeon from the Caspian Sea are becoming endangered so we don't eat it), from the San Francisco Ferry Building Store - about $25 for the jar - what a steal and it was good!
Second Course: Seared Day Boat Scallop "BLT" Salad, Kevin's delicious concoction!
Third Course: A dissappointing Cold Tomato Basil Soup that tasted like cold pizza sauce - Yuck!
Fourth Course: Sauteed Salmon with Leeks and a Beurre Blanc sauce - the first sauce I've ever made with the most butter I've ever used at one time and a bit easier than other precise, perfect, high-maintence (but amazing) Thomas Keller recipes we've attempted...
Cheese: Humbolt fog, a Spanish sheep and a bleu that resembled moldy peanut butter that made my mouth numb - it paired quite nice with our Tawny Port though!

What a feast and what a hangover! How're you doing, Kev?
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