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Oh, yum! BBQ chicken pizza!

We've been wanting to do a bbq pizza, meaning baking a pizza on the grill. We did have pizza last night, but unfortunately, didn't do it on the grill like I had intended...

Instead, we made a BBQ Chicken and Cilantro Pizza. This recipe was inspired by the delicious BBQ Chicken Pizza that I devour at California Pizza Kitchen (the most brilliant business ever - brainstorm, brainstorm!!!!!!!!!!) and ahhhhhhhhh, it was absolutely FANTASTICO!!!!!!! I mean, Kevin made this pizza about the size of a large at a pizza restaurant (we're talking a 12-inch diameter) and we ate every last morsel. I think the key is the BBQ sauce -- we used the BBQ sauce from Barbeque Bill's in Bishop, California (a hole-in-the-wall city on the road from LA to Mammoth with AMAZING corned beef sandwiches!). Speaking of, I've got to get another bottle of that sauce...I wonder if they'd ship?

I just love making a delicious restaurant dinner in my very own kitchen!!!!!!!!!!!
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