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Stamford, Insignia & Luna Park

He, he!
He, he he!
We drank really yummy wine all weekend long. Lot's of it! On Friday night, we headed out to Luna Park with 2 bottles in hand ($12.50 corkage fee - what a steal!). We opened the bottles simultaneously - one bottle of Stamford Pinot Noir, a fantastic bottle from Santa Barbara County that was featured in the movie Sideways, the other a Joseph Phelps Insignia. Holy crap, yum! Our goal was to keep the bottle of Insignia and age it for a real long time but we couldn't resist - we just had to drink it!!!!!!!!!!

Oh and did I mention that we started off the evening with a simply marvelous Ridge red blend.

Kevin, if you wish to eleborate on the wines a bit more, you may! Because I'm sure they can be described a little better than just "yummy!".
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