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Indian dinner

We headed over to the Indian grocery store at Valencia between 18th and 19th (I think) to stock up on ingredients for our little Indian feast with Kent and Michelle. In the past, we've cooked Mexican, Thai and American with them (we each do a few dishes), so Indian was next on our cuisine list. None of us had any experience with Indian cooking so we didn't quite know what to expect...

Ingredients we bought at the Indian grocery store:
Turmeric, Black mustard seeds, Curry leaves, Tuver dal (yellow lentils), Garam Masala, and Homemade samosas

Things Kev and I cooked:
- Papadam with a mango chutney, a yogurt/mint sauce and a nasty sauce that Kev likes
- Vegetable Pakoras (onion ones) - not bad for a first timer
- Dal Saag - Lentils with spinach, turned out yummmmmmy!

Things Kent and Michelle cooked:
- burnt rice and naan - a very hungover Michelle was having a tough time in the kitchen! :-)
- chicken tiki masala - I think Kent would say there is some room for improvement...
- Lamb boti kabobs - flavorful and yummy!

Definitely room for improvement but we certainly learned a good bit about the spices in Indian cuisine!
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