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Not meat mash...

Last night, I made some turkey meatballs with crushed pine nuts, thyme, sage, herbs de provence, breadcrumbs, egg (replacement), garlic, onion, salt and pepper. They rested on a bed of angel hair and homemade sauce. It was kind of fun to make them because I mashed the fixings all together with my hands. It reminded me of when Kevin made "Meat Mash", which was really supposed to be "Meat Loaf" but it didn't turn out quite right. The meatballs were really delicious. Much better too than Kevin's "Meat Mash".

We drank a bottle of Pellegrini Zinfandel which we picked up when we were wine tasting a few months ago in Sonoma. It was reallllllllllllly yummy. I could drink zinfandel every night if I had to!
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