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Demi-Steak Frites

French food French wine
French food

French wine

I had such high hopes this year for Bastille Day (big party at our place, friends, lots of French food and wine...) but nobody in our household motivated to plan it (meaning, me). So, we had a quiet Bastille Day celebration with just Kev, me and Babar.

Since neither one of us actually entered the kitchen until about 8:30pm, we decided to nix the "frites" from the night's dinner menu (too time consuming)...

We started with prosciutto, gruyere and basil palmiers (inspired by a photo I saw in France Magazine), which were so tasty that Kev and I ate 6-8 servings worth all by ourselves (1 puffed pastry sheet for me, 1 for Kev!)! Nice! Then, we moved onto tri-tip steak cooked to perfection on the Weber charcoal grill and a butter lettuce salad with lardons (French for bacon bits) and a mustard vinaigrette (Marina! Remember to buy a new salad spinner!!!!!!!!!!).

The higlight of the night was the delicious second growth "grand cru" bourdeaux wine we drank. Kevin was hesitant to open such a nice bottle with just a so-so dinner but I reminded him that when we have delicious, fabulous, marvelous, over-the-top dinner, I always forget about the wine anyway!

And, while I was typing up the recipe for the palmiers on Reenie's Recipes, Kev was concocting a pork rillette with the remaining pile of pork -- can't wait to see how it turns out!
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