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Pork anyone...part II

What to do with leftover pork...
What to do with leftover pork...

Last night, we dug into our stash of leftover pork...It was late and I really wanted to go out to the Mission for Mexican food but felt guilty that all that scrumptious pork with sitting in the fridge (there is only so much pork we can feed to Babar!). So, we decided on carnitas tacos with the pulled pork, pico de gallo (the most important ingredient to make the tacos truely Pancho Villa-like), jack cheese, black beans flavored with cumin, and avocado, swashed down with some margaritas. Seriously, my craving for Mission Mexican food was satisfied with one bite of this amazing concoction!!!!!!!!!

About 3 more pounds of pork left...we're thinking of making a pork rillette in celebration of Bastille Day!
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