Reenie Cooks (reeniecooks) wrote,
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Naughty dogs and a hangover

Last night, we had wild alaskan sockeye salmon that I picked up at the Drewes Bros butcher on Church St., grilled asparagus and a salad with a sesame dressing. We're being so healthy these days. We drank a bottle of pinot noir that we bought from my dad's friend Orris who owns a wine shop in Manhattan Beach. We actually bought a case of this wine from him because it was a winemakers (not sure what wine he makes, planning on finding out though) experiment and he sold it to us for cheap cheap cheap. So, the bottle had no label or anything - It was maybe from Napa or Sonoma, I think. We think the alcohol percentage was really high because we both woke up with hangovers this morning and felt like crap (and our dog was acting very naughty last night and we did not sleep well). Overall, I thought the wine, which we had decanted, was quite tasty - meaty nose and lots of berries.
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