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Cooking for kids

Is it obvious what is going the past few weeks, I've made cutesy frosted mini-cupcakes, Christmas morning monkey pull-apart bread and, last night, I made these old-fashioned chocolate malts. (And, I stopped in Toys-R-Us yesterday too - to get a baby pool for our DOG...) I think I'm beginning to get really excited about the fact that one day (no news! so don't get too excited Bill!), I'll get to make these tasty little goodies with somebody other than my adult self and husband.

Anyway, before we washed down our chocolate malts, we dined on a platter of fish and chips. Pretty good fried fish (the cod had been in the freezer for longer than I would have liked so the texture was not great) and really good, crispy (but a little burnt on the ends) chips (aka - oven-roasted fries, a recipe that I think I've finally perfected - Yeah!).
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