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Al fresco at the Hollywood Bowl

We're in LA and we spent the evening last night dining al fresco at the Hollywood Bowl, a Linsley family 4th of July tradition.

The Hollywood Bowl The Hollywood Bowl

A festive (gourmet!) evening at the Hollywood Bowl (...Davy, Davy Crockett!)

Here's the gourmet feast that I served for the 8 of us (Note: I used recipes that were easy to transport)...

Drink: Kev, can you refresh my memory?

Hummus (love this recipe) and Red Pepper Spread with tortilla chips
Black olive tapenade and peppered salami with fresh bread

Main Course:
Curry Chicken skewers with peanut sauce (pretty good, the sauce was a bit too peanuty!)
Marinated beef skewers (yummy, I'll probably post this recipe)
Quinoa salad with black beans and corn
Lentil salad (looked pretty poopy by the time it arrived at the Hollywood Bowl because I think I overcooked the lentils)
Couscous with Dates

Cheese Course:
Tallegio, an Italian cow milk
Humbolt Fog, a goat milk with ash

Mint Milanos and Brussles...I mean, what else would we have?

Our festive (unpatriotic) table Our festive (unpatriotic) table

at our picnic in our Hollywood Bowl box

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