Reenie Cooks (reeniecooks) wrote,
Reenie Cooks

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Hitting the road

We devoured a nice dog burger before our long drive down the 5 to LA for the weekend.

...I guess I should probably clarify what a "Dog Burger" is...when I was traveling with my family in Vietnam in 1994, we went to lunch at "the floating hotel" and for the first time in about 2 weeks (of being in Asia), there were hamburgers and fries and malts on the menu - we were so excited. So, we all ordered a hamburger and fries. We took one bite of our so-called-hamburgers and were definitely convinced it was NOT cow was this huge, thick patty that was tough and really gross. Teddy was the only one who ate her entire burger. The rest of us had one bite and that was it! We assumed the next best thing for a burger would be "dog" (grossssss) so became the name "Dog Burger".
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