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A Good Old Caesar Salad

I haven't eaten a traditional Caesar Salad since I was a teenager. The caesar dressing is so darn inconsistent at restaurants - too much anchovy, too much dressing, too much's just never that good nor interesting. So, I took matters into my own hands and did an eggless version of this traditional salad (invented by a man named Caesar in Tijuana, Mexico of all places!) to accompany our large piece of Niman Ranch Chateaubriand beef (that Kevin had marintated in a soy/worchestershire/olive oil/herbs/balsamic and sliced thinly - yum!) and our garlic confit (which produces garlic oil, which I had just run out of!). It was a fabulously balanced dressing! I'll definitely have to pass this recipe onto my sister, Doddles, who is queen of Caesar Salad (or was that you, Teddy?).

Since the can of anchovies were opened, I decided to roast some small potatoes and drizzle them with bagna cauda, an anchovy and garlic based oil. Super delicious and definitely think even a person who didn't like anchovies would slurp this up.

Kevin ended the night making the brine for these cucumbers/soon-to-be-pickles that we bought at the authenticly ethnic Alemany Farmers Market.

Kevin's Pickles Kevin's Pickles

Kevin has 2 pounds of pickles currently brining in our basement.

Oh, and we broke open our bottle of Greyhound "Res Q" pinot noir from Napa, in honor of our dear Babar who is being boarded for the weekend with his greyhound friends in Oakley.
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