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Fried Olives

We had a farewell dinner for Sarah (as she and Harry, the King Charles Spaniel, head to Charleston for the summer)last night at Sociale on Sacramento, at Spruce and Locust in Laurel Heights (it's a total residential area and you'd never know there was a restaurant there if you didn't live in the neighborhood, which we used to!). This restaurant always stands out in my head because it has a fabulous little outdoor patio with heat lamps and it seems to be one of the only places in SF that has Fried Olives (an appetizer I drool over when I go to Italy, which sadly, isn't often!) on the menu. So naturally, I ordered the fried olives stuffed with fontina and a rack of lamb with fingerlings with gorgonzola (yummy). We topped the meal off with some profiteroles!

Here is my version of fried olives (I'll try and stuff them with cheese next time I make these) --
Green Olives (medium-large size, not the largest ones), with pits (but if I stuff with cheese, then pitted), Flour, Egg wash (or egg substitue, in our case!), Panko and Frying Oil
Dip olives in flour to coat, then the egg wash to coat, then the panko. Fry and eat!
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