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Enchiladas de Xochimilco

It's funny because last night, I made some Enchiladas Suizas (chicken enchiladas with tomatillo sauce) and on the recipe (that I found on the Williams-Sonoma website), it said this dish comes from Xochimilco in Mexico City. We visited these lovely floating gardens (without realizing this yummy dish originated right in that very area!) in June 2004 and had a WONDERFUL time. Ahhhhh, our wonderful trip to Mexico City -- Everybody was so confused about why we were taking a 5-day vacation there. And I was confused why so many people thought that was so strange....

Anyway, las enchiladas sabrosas de Xochimilco son fabulosas!!!!!

Xochimilco (the floating gardens) Xochimilco (the floating gardens)

in the wonderful Mexico City

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