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Southern night, ya'll

After two weddin's in the south last year (one in Savannah, GA and one in Charleston, SC), we have learned to love Southern cookin'. So, last night, Teddy came over and we made a Southern Feast (minus the Shrimp and Grits which hopefully the lovely Mrs. Sarah Ravenel Dollens of Charleston, South Carolina will post for me on RR!). Here was our menu:

Savannah Collard Greens
Hush Puppies (kev, please post this recipe cuz the three of us at the Southern feast loved them!)
Country Pork Ribs with Carolina bbq sauce (which is a mustardy, vinegary sauce)

While Kevin was frying up the puppies, I was making Monkey Pull-Apart Bread, an eggless, sugar-filled, cinnamony-roll type bread. You make the dough, then cut it into over 50 small pieces, roll them into balls, dips them into butter, sugar and cinnamon, then stack them into a bundt pan. Bake, then lather in more suagr and voila! Totally random yes, but I thought this recipe would be a fun one to make together for big family events and holidays like Christmas morning and stuff so I had to test it. (Obviously, somebody has "kids" on their mind!, he he) I always love starting traditions and I think this one would be a perfect addition!!!!!!!!! And I loved this recipe I used, with my tinkering, of course! And next time I make it, I'll be sure to get help when I remove it from the bundt pan, because my beautiful bread sculpture broke into a few pieces when I set it on the platter! Opps but fun fun fun fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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