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Dinner before partying

We fit in a 3-course feast before heading out to Sarah and Grant's drunken going-away fiesta for our friend Payton, who heads out to London next week. We'll miss you Payton!!!!!!!

Here was our menu:
Drink: a bottle of Louis Latour Pouilly Fousse

Course #1
Homemade black olive tapenade with crostini
Fried Squash Blossoms (first eaten on our wonderful honeymoon in Nice, France, we bought the squash blossoms from the Alemany Farmers Market, and we use this onion ring recipe but add about 1/4 more club soda)

Course #2
Sand Dabs Muniere (my first and last experience with sand dabs due to its yucky texture)
Sweet corn, green onions and chanterelle mushrooms (we imitated this dish from the one served at Slanted Door and yumyumyum! definitely posting on RR)

Course #3
A Redwood Hill Camillia (a goats milk with a brie consistency, kind of tasted like the shower floors at the Manhattan Beach Country Club but I still enjoyed it thoroughly!)

Course #4
Drinks, drinks and more drinks with friends!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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