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Road Trip to LA

We spent the weekend in LA visiting friends and family. Here's an overview of all the food we consumed...

Friday night:
- Started at Patina at the Walt Disney Center (went to see the LA Philharmonic) for really expensive Kir Royales and Martini's and a cheese platter.
- Dinner at Chaya which was fabulous. I'll definitely have to head over to the one on Embarcadero in SF. We had a seaweed salad, a seared albacore salad, fried calamari (which were awesome and I can't wait to copy their recipe), foie gras with a ricotta crepe and darn, one more thing that I can't remember. Oh yes, beef carpaccio. We drank a bottle of muscadet. Very yummmy. We didn't see any famous people though, darn!

- Dim Sum at VIP Harbor Seafood on Wilshire/Barrington, which is AWESOME. It's in a strip mall but by far the best dim sum I've eaten.
- Andoillle sausage and garlic fries at the Dodger game.

- 2 Al Pastor tacos at this little dive taco stand in Oakley, CA, where our dog Babar boards with all his little greyhound friends.
- Cheap, simple and easy dinner of trader joes pizza with sausage, mozarella, garlic and the best addition ever, Cambazola cheese.

Kevin needs to start a diet. So do I! We're eating healthy tonight.
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