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SF gastronomical wasteland

We saw Les Miserables last night at the Curran Theatre on Geary which meant that we had to find a restaurant to eat at in the dreadfully touristy area of good ole Union Square...! We settled on a quaint place called First Crush Wine Bar at Ellis and Cyril Magnin. The food was pretty good -- we took the small plates route - an amazing baked oyster with a cream sauce, sauteed chard and apple-wood bacon (definitely going to do a version of this at home!), a seared tuna thingy with yummy, but overpowering, roasted tomatoes, spicy grilled shrimp, 2 plates of veal cheeks (which I must say are as good as beef cheeks and much much better than veal tongue!) and a cheese plate. I loved my wine flights - a light white one (included Pomelo Sauv Blanc, yum yum) and then, a Rhone styled flight that included a yummmmmmy petit syrah. We finished it off with a port.

But I'm sorry -- the tourists have got to go! We sat next to this couple, and the fleece-wearing man insisted on having a BAKED POTATO as his side dish. It was the biggest ordeal but darn it, he wanted that potato. The lady ordered her salad with no goats cheese and I was thinking, Why they didn't just go to Sizzler or something...?????

The people sitting on the other side of us (who sat down much later than we did) were being really nasty to waitress about their slow check. I guess a 20 minute sit-down dinner was too long for them. I was thinking again, Why didn't they just go to Sizzler or something....?????

Anyway, I had an espresso after the meal (not decaf), which usually nevers effects me. Unfortunately, last night it did and I stayed up past 3am. Hmmmffffffff!
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