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Celebration launch of Reenie's Recipes!!!!!! Wahoooooo!

Mmmmmmmmmm, last night Kev and I (minus Kent, my wonderful web site developer and a Reenie's Recipes board member) celebrated the launch of Reenie's Recipes website and went out for Korean BBQ at the New Korea House in Japantown (Post and Laguna). The first time I ate Korean BBQ, I was a little frightened of all the little side dishes they give you as appetizers but now I love almost all of them (minus Kev's favorite, the Kim Chee). We ordered the marinated beef short ribs and marinated pork and bbq'ed right there at the table. Oh yes, and they made us a green onion/shrimp/calamari pancake with no eggs! Yummmm! We left with full, salty stomachs and seriously stinky bbq clothes.

Reminder to me of things I want to cook this weekend:
1) Monkey Pull-Apart Bread (eggless - wahoooo!)
2) Chocolate Malts
3) Maybe Kev will want to make a huge batch of bolognese sauce to freeze....!
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