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What to do with a large squash?

I posted this question on the Live Journal cooking community last week and got some pretty good responses but I'm going to have to agree with the person who responded to me saying "I hate zuchinni"...because I do too. I sauteed a big, pretty-looking one with shallots, garlic, garlic oil, salt and pepper and it still tasted poopy - so bad that Kevin didn't even eat all of his. As beautiful a vegetable as it is, it really doesn't do it for me.

Thank goodness the rest of our meal was up to par - Cornish game hens stuffed with Kevin's special homemade sausage, polenta with Irish cheese and sauteed mushrooms. This reminds me that I have a really amazing polenta recipe (not the one I did last night) that I want to post on RR asap!
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