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My very best fried tofu

Last night, I fried up the best tofu I've ever fried.

Let me remind myself of a few things for the future of frying tofu...
1) Use the wire stainer sieve to add and pick up tofu from the oil
2) Once the oil is heated to 370, let it heat for an additional 20 minutes or so
3) Fry for much longer than I usually do (about 10 minutes per batch) - don't be impatient with it!
4) I can fry a pack of tofu in 3 frying batches
5) I used corn oil to fry this amazing batch of tofu!
6) Let tofu clump all together when it is frying because it is easy to pull it apart once fried
7) Sprinkle lots of salt once fried

Things to improve upon:
1) Getting the chopped cilantro to stick to the tofu once it's fried

Yum yum, after we gobbled up our fried tofu, we had some sticky rice that I picked up at lunch at Gourmet Dim Sum and then, a Vietnamese Glass Noodle Salad. And!!!!, Kevin's friend Debbie at SixApart brought us some DELICIOUS Chinese Peanuts (and I'm hoping she'll share her secrets on RR because I think it would make a great snack).
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