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Half-smokes with chili

Kev got home late from work last night (so he said....watched the movie "Closer" a few days ago, so I'm a bit paranoid....ha ha, joking kev!) and I had all the fixings ready to make half-smokes, a delicious ensemble of some really unhealthy things that was inspired by the dive Ben's Chili Bowl in Washington DC. Our half-smokes consisted of the following...we started with a large buttered hamburger bun grilled on the grill pan, then smoothered it in french's mustard (key ingredient!). Then, we placed 4 slices of grilled portuguese sausage (each sausage was cut lengthwise, then crosswise) and topped it with some previously frozen, super spicy homemade chili. Then we sprinkled some jack cheese and chopped white onion.

I'd say the most disgusting part of this absolutely fantastic meal was that we ate our half-smokes from about 10:00pm -'s the morning now and my half-smoke is still lingering in my system...! yum yum!
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