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Dinner party for two

Last night, Kevin and I threw a dinner party for ourselves...Here was our menu!

To Start - We snacked on a Smoked Trout Mousse that was going to be for Saturday because it needed some time (12 hours) in the fridge

Soup - Asparagus and Leek Soup

Salad - Smoked Trout Salad

Main Course - Kevin roasted the best chicken he's ever roasted (Kev, please share your secrets on Reenie's Recipes) and a Potato Galette, a recipe that was torn up and thrown in the trash after because it wasn't very tasty.

Dessert - an orange rind (due to some soaking in a sweet liquer or something) cows milk cheese from France

Smoked trout was the theme of the night because we bought 3 fillets of it at Costco and wanted to use it! Definitely a new favorite - IT'S DELICIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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