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French night

French everything last night! We started with socca (which are chickpea flour crepes) sprinkled with goat cheese, washed down with a delightful Cote du Rhone. Between socca and our main course, Kevin quizzed me on telling time in French, which I am slowly improving at (Nuef huere moins et quart). Our main course was a cherished can of cassoulet that we bought at the Carrefour (my all-time fav grocery store) in Epernay (the heart of Champagne), France. Cassoulet is a wintery bean dish filled with all kinds of meat (sausage, lamb, duck - you name it, it's in it!) from the Toulouse region of France. Kevin got me hooked on it the first time we ate the the Grand Cafe at the Hotel Monaco downtown SF. We try and make it once a year (it takes all day) but skipped this year...hmf!
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