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A french picnic in our backyard

Perfect weather on a Saturday in San Francisco - I know, we were shocked too! We spent the afternoon laying in the grass with Babar, blowing bubbles and eating a buffet of french snacks - gryuere, goat cheese, pecorino, white spanish anchoives, salami slices, marcona almonds, alino de atun (with a green onion in it that we picked from our very own garden!) and some crackers (no baguette because we didn't actually go to the grocery store at all!). Kevin had a pastis and I had a 1/2 bottle of Kim Crawford!C'est deliceaux!!!!!!!!! Tres magnifique!

Kev and I spent the remaining part of the afternoon having a cupcake bake-off...I made mini-vanilla cupcakes (with eggs) with rainbow frosting and mini-pinwheels (see how adorable they are!) poked in the tops and Kev made some deformed, flat ones without eggs. Let's just say, cupcakes need eggs! ;-) We packed up our cupcakes and headed to Shannon and Erich's 30th birthday party at the Presidio Bowling Alley (where I ate a bunch of junk food and bowled a score of 98 - Wahoo!).
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