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Good food and a bad hair day

Kevin made us reservations at Fringale, a French restaurant two doors down from his office, for 7:30pm. So, at 5:30pm, I decided for fun, it would be a good idea for me to dye my hair a dark shade of brown (one day, I WILL achieve these results...!). Holy crap, I got out of the shower and found my hair in 2 different shades - a lightish auburn, redish and a darker brown. In a panic, I hopped back in the shower, conditioned about 5 more times and thankfully, dressed myself, fed/walked Babar and fixed my hair (the nickname for me that night was "Marina Latina") to make it in time for the reservation. Nothing could keep me away from French food.

Ahhh, for french-food lovers, I would definitely recommend Fringale. We had a lovely authentic waiter and some real-life french people at a nearby table! Here's what we ate...

Kir Royales
(M) Foie Gras Terrine which melted in my mouth
(K) Prawns with a Pastis Sauce

Main Course:
A bottle 1997 red Burgundy from Morey St. Denis (suspicious about the year...)
(M) Duck Confit on a bed of Lentils de Puy, a very wintery, Parisian type dish
(K) Veal Sweetbreads

A Petit Basque cheese with some amazing slivered candied almonds
Decaf espresso

The most hilarious part of the night was when we were walking to our car and cuddling and some guys yelled to us "Yeah, you're going to get laid tonight!". HOW EMBARRASSING!!!!!!!!!!!
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