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Last chance for fondue!

So, I figured with Spring being here and summer right around the corner, I don't have many more opportunities to break out the fondue pot. So, I whipped some up last night for a small dinner party with Kevin, me and our friend Clarice, a food, wine and restaurant aficiondo.

We started the evening with some kir royales, which was not really planned but because I had leftover cava from the fondue, I felt like it was a good option for us (since they are my very very favorite!). We also gobbled down Socca - Chickpea flour crepes - which are our new favorites appetizers and the only kind of crepe Kevin can eat, due to his egg allergy. They are absolutely scrumptious!

Next, we sat down for our fondue course which was made (with love, care and patience because once I made it in a hurry and it was lumpy and a failure and I blamed it on Kevin, although it was really my fault!) with cambozola and brie (you need so much of both that I always buy it at Costco which brings the price down to about $20 for all the cheese). We served it with 2 plates filled with veggies - blanched asparagus and broccolini, apples, red potatoes and mushrooms. Sooo very good, the mushrooms especially! Kevin makes fun of me that I am a carb-loader so I decided to nix that from dipping options. Humph!

Clarice brought a Earthquake Syrah from Lodi, which got the San Francisco Chronicle's prestigious title of wine of the year (Bravo!). It was really YUMMMY. A long finish, with maybe hints of vanilla, berries and some other things that I thought were delicious. Ummm, right, great description! Thanks for sharing Clarice! It was absolutely dreamy!

We finished our feast off with panna cotta - cooked cream - (Babar was pleased because he got his own little panna cotta too) and strawberries (which are getting quite yummy these days) and a digestif of Kaulua, which, note to self, was a great pairing with the panna cotta!

Another feast, I'd say. Ohhh, and I forgot to mention lunch -- Kev and I spontaneously met for lunch at Big Nate's BBQ (which is always freezing inside there but the smells are to die for), a divey-type bbq joint, south of Market --- yummmmmmm, yummmmmmmmmm. I had the brisket and Kevin had the pork sandwich. And we had beans and mean greens. We licked our plates CLEAN!

Goodness, this posting is long -- maybe I shouldn't eat so much...
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