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Handley sucks

We went to a 2002 Pinot Noir amateur blind wine tasting last night at JJ and Alyson's with Tahoe/Sonoma crew - Sarah & Grant, Payton & Carolyn, and Carrie & Trevor. It was really fun and we're hoping to make it a monthly thing (Bourbon tasting anyone?). Alyson picked out some AMAZING cheeses (hm, Lingot, Sardo, damn can't remember the other two) from Say Cheese in Cole Valley that paired perfectly with the pinot. I made some perfectly puffed gougeres and Sarah made caprese and prosciutto wrapped figs stuffed with goat cheese.

So, we tasted the wines, all which were very very good...except one! That was the one we brought - Handley pinot noir that we actually bought when we were wine tasting in the Andersen Valley. Lesson learned...never buy wine when you're drunk wine tasting - I think your tongue goes numb after the first winery you stop at. Here's how the wines ranked last night...

1st Plce - David Bruce 2001 from I think a single vineyard in Santa Cruz ($50 or something)
2nd Place - Etude 2002 - my fav ($40)
3rd Place - Castle Rock 2002 (was that it's name?) - my 2nd fav, yum yum ($10)
4th Place - Siduri 2002
Last Place, the ultimate stinker brought by Kev and I - Handley Cellars 2002 - ($16)
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