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Reenie eats & Kevin stuffs sausage!

My god I've spent this entire Memorial Day weekend eating. Firstly, The Hong Kong Pavillion Dim Sum restaurant (1671 El Camino Real in Millbrae) was really great. We stuffed ourselves! Gotta love the burbs - we found a parking spot quickly and there was no wait unlike Ton Kiang on Geary where we usually spend 20 minutes finding parking and 45 minutes waiting for a table. Grrrr!

Kent, Michelle and Jed came over for dinner. We treated them to homemade sausages. Really! On our kitchenaide, we have a meat grinding attachement and a sausage stuffer that Kevin has been eagar to use. And, he finally got to break open his Bruce Aidell's Sausage cookbook! Anyway, we picked up some hog casings (150 of them...!) from Golden Gate Meat Company in the Ferry Building and a bunch of other scary meat products. He chose to make the New Mexico Chicken, Pork and Roasted Chili Sausage. Stuffing the sausages was not as easy as we was quite stressful and I think the neighbors were definitely able to hear me screaming at Kevin. I was in charge of pushing the meat mash through the stuffer thing and Kevin, being the impatient, overly optimistic type, kept filling them with too much air bubbles and made them burst. We quickly switched roles and created some nicely plump authentic sausages. We're have to perfect our cooking method however because they seemed to be a little dried out (we braised, then grilled them).
Here was our sausage dinner menu:

Hummus with Papadam (Fried Indian Lentil Crisp things)
Gruyere Gougeres (Kev had to pass on them because they have eggs) (will post this recipe later)

Mise en Bouche
Seared Tuna on a bed of Daikon lightly dressed with Seasame dressing

Main Course
Fried Onion Rings
Coleslaw (Hopefully Michelle will post this recipe because it was really tasty and I'd like to make it for a picnic)
Bococini Tomato Salad
Kevin's Authentic Grilled Sausages
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