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Kevin, sushi chef

After Ava Kopps's 2nd birthday party, we visited Nijiya, our favorite Japanese grocery store in Japantown at Webster and Post. We always love the Japanese grocery store and stock up on some major essentials like Pocky's and Chelsea Butterscotch candies by Meiji. Kevin was going to make sushi for dinner so we bought all our sushi-grade tuna, Hamachi etc. When we make Kevin-do-it-yourself sushi, we usually eat everything in small, seperate courses. Here was the menu!

1st course: Store-bought seaweed salad, some other salad and some little, tiny anchoive fish that tasted like the bottom of the sea. I tasted but passed on them!
2nd course: Store-bought fish cakes with a soy dressing. Yummmm, this is new to our repetoire and it was darn good!
3rd course: Toro Sashimi
4th course: Hamachi sashimi with minced green onion, lemon and salt.
5th course: Fried shrimp coated in puffed brown rice -- something we copied from Chaya in LA. We'll need to find a good sauce for these though because soy sauce just didn't cut it!
6th course: Maguro nigiri
7th course: Roll with maguro and daikon
8th course: Roll with maguro, lettuce and avocado
9th course (which Kevin was force-feeding me): Roll with maguro, unagi, lettuce and avocado

Gotta go, we're off to Dim Sum in Milbrae called The Honk Kong Flower Lounge, a recommmendation from a lady Kev works with!
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